Become A Member

We are a subsidized co-operative and can offer lower housing charges to those who qualify. The applications process is simple; come to the office and get the application packet, fill it out completely and have it signed by a notary.

Once we have received your application and the $35.00 fee, you will be called in for an interview with the board of directors.

At that time, if they have accepted your application you will be added to the wait list and called when a unit becomes available.

We are a smoke free community. There is a designated smoking area in the community but smoking in units or on the street will result in a fine.

Our Operating Agreement states that Hi-Wood Meadows Housing Co-op may not accept new households whose annual income is higher than the income ceiling CMHC sets for the year.

In 2022 the maximum income an applicant household may have is $131,893.00. This ceiling is set at the 65th percentile of household income as found in the most recent Survey of Household spending in the Province of Alberta published by Statistics Canada.

There are 62 units at Hi-Wood Meadows, 41 units are townhouses and 21 units are in the 55+ apartment complex.

All units include parking, gas and water in the monthly housing charge.

Members are required to pay a Share Purchase in the amount of $1,000.00 due as follows:

When applicants are approved for membership, half of the non-refundable share purchase amount of $500.00 must be provided to the Office by guaranteed funds within 48 hours.

The remainder $500.00 of the share purchase amount must be paid in full before the member receives keys to the housing unit or takes occupancy, unless the member has applied and has been accepted by the Board for financial hardship payments in accordance with the By-Laws.

The new member will arrange for hook-up of all utilities and services that are not included in the housing charge (ie. electricity, television, internet).

The new member will provide the Office with a copy of their content insurance. (Townhouse members insurance must include sewer back-up).

Application Form

The co-op currently has no vacancies. Applications are not being accepted and our wait-list is closed.

Housing Charges

1 Bedroom

55+ Living Apartment
$775.00 Monthly

2 Bedroom

55+ Living Apartment
$840.00 Monthly

2 Bedroom

$1,100.00 Monthly

3 Bedroom

$1,165.00 Monthly